Steinwendener Str. 8a
66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach


We offer comprehensive treatments at a reasonable price. Our current pricing:

ServiceConsultation TypeCost
Chiropractic1st Appointment70 Euro
ChiropracticRe-examination/New complaint60 Euro
ChiropracticRegular Appointment45 Euro
Massage/Physical Therapy30 Minutes40 Euro
Massage/Physical Therapy45 Minutes50 Euro
Massage/Physical Therapy60 Minutes60 Euro

Some therapists also offer 90 minute sessions on request: 90 Euro

1st appointment: 70 euro. This includes a History taking, examination process and initial treatment (Unless imaging or referral for further medical care is indicated). Please allow 40-60 minutes
Re-examination/New complaint: 60 euro. If you haven’t been in the clinic for an extended period of time, or are presenting with a new condition, we are responsible to take a new History of complaint, further examination and then the treatment. Please allow 40 minutes
Regular Appointment: 45 euro. Please allow 20 minutes.

Massage/Physical Therapy
30 minutes: 40 euro
45 minutes: 50 euro
60 minutes: 60 euro
Some therapists also offer 90 minute sessions on request: 90 euro

​We provide direct billing services for the following insurances, we just require you to fill out a claim form with a valid member ID number:
1. AFSPA (Foreign Service Benefit Plan). For the first Chiropractic appointment a 20 euro co-pay is charged. Any regular chiropractic appointment is covered by the plan. For a 45 minute massage it is covered by the plan. If you would like a longer 60 minute massage, a 10 euro co-pay is charged.
2. Cigna International. Please provide your member ID number at the front desk. Chiropractic and Massage/Physical therapy covered
3. Aetna International/GeoBlue: In some circumstances. Please speak to the front desk
4. VA FMP- If you have a service-connected disability, you may be eligible for direct billing through the Veteran’s Affair Foreign Medical Program. In this case you would fill out a claim form, along with the coding on your service-connected disability and we would bill directly for clinical treatments (Chiropractic, clinical massage and Physical Therapy)

Please be aware when we directly bill an insurance there may be a small extra charge on the treatment compared to cash prices due to cheque fees, exchange rate surcharge, extra paperwork required to do direct billing and the long waiting time on receiving payment from 3rd-payer insurances.